PEEZMO AI 21 NFT Collection

What is Peezmo AI 21?

PEEZMO AI 21 is a NFT collection of 4.000 unique NFTs — created by an advanced self learning Artificial Intelligence. The Machine is creating art through human emotions and serves the own smart contract with a new fresh digital high quality collage every hour until the end of 2021.

PEEZMO AI 21 is HOLISTIC MAINSTREAM ART. It creates a digital collage art based on synthetic feelings. The Machine is in a constant learning process, comparable to a good bottle of wine which is tasting better by maturing over time.


PEEZMO AI 21 is a synthetic artist who creates stunning NFTs based on computer-calculated emotions.
In other words, what you see here is the art that springs from Artificial Intelligence that produces autonomous works. The fitting slogan for this is “Ragnarok, the end of humanity. Clear the way for posthumanism.”

#100 The Child Brain

To make this collection more enjoyable, it will mint a new NFT collage artpiece every hour. That means from our start on July 26th until the end of 2021, we will have minted aproximately 4.000 NFT’s. Every piece will be unique and stunning, ready to valorize art investors’ wallets.

To catalog the artworks in the best possible way, the images have assigned properties that clearly distinguish them from other NFT collections. Among them are emotions, art types, production effort, etc. And, of course, some combinations of properties are rarer than others. Whether this makes them more valuable is up to the collectors.

7 different properties, generated by AI

PEEZMO AI 21 is programmed and developed by an acclaimed IT-Brain with a lot of IT experience in development “Dario Gi”.

Programmer Signature

Dario Gi is the Creator of this AI Engine. He teamed up with Werner Bogula (, who works at the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V. and is responsible for further refinement und development.

Now they have partnered with MAGALL.ART to benefit from our experience and exposure in the NFT-Space making this collection one of the trending and most stunning NFT projects in 2021. Bringing a totally new concept and a new approach of creating art for the hungry, beloved NFT-Community.

left to right: Dario Gi, Hauke, Werner and Sérgio

The Soul of this NFT Collection?

Firstly they are 1/1! So if you buy this NFT image you get full ownership of an unique NFT.

The process of creating this art is a totally new approach pairing AI-Technology with NFTs.

Every NFT will get a number and an own special name. The process of naming the NFT is also done by an AI Algorithm, that looks for words within the structures of the painting.

We are using a proof of stake green energy minting procedure powered by the Polygon Protocol combining the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains.

There is a fair and easy price model with no bonding curve starting 0.05 ETH. If you want to buy a piece of Peezmo you are betting on technology and you give value to the Art itself, as its quality surpasses some of the digital Art painted by humans. The race machine vs. people has begun. Be a part of it.

#294 Deep dream

What are the properties?

Properties of PEEZMO AI 21 art works are also created and supported by AI algorithms.

Firstly, we have emotional properties, which are generated by Sentiment Analysis Models that are fed with a stream of text news. The model generate a mix of important topics and human sentiments. The selection of the visual material and the visual procedures performed on them are governed by a primary emotion and will be fine tuned by a secondary emotion. So, a typical combination can be:
Primary Emotion 1: Depression, Seconday Emotion: Hate

Art Style
Secondly, the created artworks are analyzed by a Style Detection AI, that compares the style elements in the generated art with thousands of pieces of traditional art.
So in the properties we might find a combination of: 80% Pop Art and 20% Magic Realism

Computing Time
The third distinguishing element is the calculation power that is needed to produce the art. Sometimes the production is straight forward and can be created within standard computing time, on the other hand when the machine detects conflicting emotions, the processing takes longer over even very long.
The properties for Computing Time are: standard, heavy and insane. They will be relevant for our pricing.

Where can I see and buy the PEEZMO AI 21 Collection?

The NFTs will be minted on an hourly basis on OpenSea at

OpenSea Marketplace

We are using the L2-solution on Polygon which operates on a Proof-of-Stake mechanism. This mechanism is environment friendly and has very low transaction fees.

The worlds first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Peezmo AI 21 is using its own certified Smart Contract on the polygon network.

We are using 3 different price ranges, which are based on the computing time property. Differentiated to 50 % of the art will be STANDARD for 0.05 ETH, 37,5% will be HEAVY selling at 0.1 ETH and 12,5% are INSANE pieces for 0.15 ETH. We will beginn with the STANDARD series and as the time goes by we will be also liberating the HEAVY and the INSANE pieces. These represent the images with the best quality.


The rights on fragmented collage elements are excluded because the parts are taken from a public image domain stock. But ownership of a PEEZMO gives full commercial rights to that image as a whole.


Yes, we have a brand new plot and an insane modern building in Cryptovoxels on VIBES Island. The design mimics a gigantic CPU, with flying robotic ants, a table with emotions, mainprocessor and a 3-D printer. For this we hired Cryptovoxel mastermind and architect OGAR (, who helped us with the design, ideas and the build per se.
This already is becoming an iconic METAVERSE experience.

Is there any benefit if I get in early and what is the roadmap?

If you are one of the first 100 Peezmo buyers you will have a high probability to get a physically framed PEEZMO shipped to you.

We are currently developing a bridge to a physical webshop, where you can order a physical high quality print of your NFT.

We will send out special free ticket NFTs for a promo Code on our webshop there you can ordering your free physical frame!

More to follow on our ROADMAP, that will be on our Website.

How can we follow up on this?

  1. Follow PEEZMO AI on Twitter (

2. And also impending Discord for updates and releases.

3. Watch the trailer:

PEEZMO AI Trailer YouTube

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